.: FSR Cattle Company LLC




Situated in Parker County, a county with more team ropers than any other county in Texas, lies FSR Cattle Company LLC of Weatherford, Texas. FSR Cattle Company LLC was formed with a simple intent:

To provide quality roping cattle suited for each individual client’s needs, offer professional service, at the lowest monthly rental price around.

Whether you are backing into the box to rope at the Friday night jackpot in your home town or backing into the box to rope the 10th steer of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for a World Title, you must be prepared to win. That preparation comes from hours of practice both on the roping dummy and in the arena roping live cattle. The quality of those live cattle is crucial to any roper’s success. FSR Cattle Company LLC offers all types of roping cattle, ranging from totally fresh (never been roped) for the Professional Team Roper to seasoned cattle, perfect for Horse Trainers training young horses or the Novice roper roping live cattle for their first time. At FSR Cattle Company LLC, the client puts in their order for just the cattle they want and we load those cattle in their trailer. We even offer delivery (mileage fee applies) for those who simply wish for their cattle to be delivered and unloaded at their arena.

Unlike other people who offer roping cattle for lease, FSR Cattle Company LLC, is a legitimate company run like a business, not a hobby. Our client’s phone calls are returned promptly. Our cattle are available for pick-up 6 days a week. A monthly, itemized invoice is sent to every customer, and we accept all major credit cards. Whether you are picking up cattle for your first time, trading out cattle that are no longer suitable or have questions about your cattle or bill, our friendly staff is only a phone call away. It’s no wonder we provide cattle for people in 5 states!

FSR Cattle Company LLC provides cattle at the very lowest price around. We have been imitated in price, but have yet to be beat in quality or service.

We Gladly Accept: