.: Pricing

Roping cattle are $37 per head per month when you lease 10 head or more. We do not have a maximum number of cattle you can lease. Here is an example of our current pricing:

10 head = $370.00/month
11 head = $407.00/month
12 head = $444.00/month
15 head = $555.00/month
20 head = $740.00/month
30 head = $1110.00/month
40 head = $1480.00/month
50 head = $1850.00/month
75 head = $2775.00/month
100 head = $3700.00/month
We have an 8 head minimum lease term.
Should you choose to lease less than 10 head, the price is $42 per head

*****Prices subject to change due to the fluctuation in cattle market prices*****
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We Gladly Accept: