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Some of our current customers are World Champions, NFR Contestants, BFI Champions, World Class Training Centers, Horse Trainers, College Rodeo Teams, PRCA Contestants, Junior Rodeo Contestants and USTRC Winners. Here are just a few of our client's accolades.

Clay Tryan

If you keep up with World Champions in the record books, you know that Clay Tryan is a name that has appeared more than once on that list. Clay’s first world championship came in 2005, while roping with Patrick Smith. That same year, Clay and Patrick set a new Wrangler National Finals Rodeo record and tied the PRCA world record roping a steer in 3.5 in the 9th round of the WNFR. From there, Clay went on to win the world again in 2013 and 2014 heading for Jade Corkill. Winning the world three times is a tremendous accomplishment, and number 3 does not appear to be where this winning streak will end.

If being a champion of the world isn’t impressive enough, Clay has also won the prestigious Bob Feist Invitational roping not once, but twice! Clay’s first victory at the BFI came in 2005 while heading for Patrick Smith. Clay then came back and won it yet again in 2008 roping for World Champion Walt Woodard.

Clay obviously has an incredible talent in the roping arena. Natural ability certainly plays a huge role in his success. However, natural ability alone is not enough to carry him to the pay window like he has done. Clay practices hard and wisely. He knows the need for quality practice and knows that this practice needs to be done on the highest quality of roping cattle. Clay chooses FSR Cattle Company to provide him with all his practice cattle. We look forward to seeing Clay put another successful year down in the record books.

Patrick Smith

The 2010 World Champion Heeler is none other than Patrick Smith. Being a world champion is not a new experience for Patrick, as he was also the champion of the world in heeling in 2005.

When Patrick approached us prior to the 2010 Wrangler National Finals in Las Vegas, asking us to provide him with all his practice cattle, we were honored. Patrick could have gone anywhere to get his cattle, and yet he asked us for our cattle. We knew that Patrick was working towards earning another world championship with his header, Trevor Brazile. We also knew that he would need premium cattle to practice on if he were to achieve such honors.

Clay O'Brien Cooper

Clay Cooper has enjoyed a thirty-year career in professional rodeo during which he has earned 7 World Championship titles. With over two million dollars in career earnings, Clay remains in the top ten of the PRCA Career Earnings Leaders. Clay has won every major event in team roping and is considered by most to be the greatest heeler of all time. Clay was inducted to Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1997 and is a model and inspiration for thousands of ropers.

With credentials like these, it is no wonder that FSR Cattle Company LLC is proud and honored that Clay has chosen us to provide him with all of his roping cattle.

Walt Woodard

With a name like Walt Woodard, one needs little introduction. His name is synonymous with team roping icons and teachers. Walt is a two time World Champion. This alone, is indeed worth mentioning. However, when looking at the years that he won the world, your appreciation for this feat is magnified. Walt first won the world in the team roping in 1981, a year in which other world champions were not even born. While Walt remained a great competitor in the team roping arena, and a 20 time Wrangler NFR qualifier, he astonished the team roping world when he came back 26 years later and again found himself the World Champion Heeler in 2007 with Chad Masters, setting a record for the longest span between gold buckles.

Originally from Northern California, Walt now resides in Stephenville, Texas, where he has built an entire facility dedicated to team roping and teaching students from all over the world the art of team roping. Walt conducts clinics and lessons on a regular basis and needs quality cattle to do so. We are pleased to announce that Walt has chosen FSR Cattle Company to provide quality roping cattle for his educational facility, as well as his own practice.

Todd Crawford

Dedicated family man, accomplished trainer, top competitor and successful teacher, Todd Crawford is one of the most respected men in the world of horses. Todd and his students have won more than three dozen World Championship titles in three major performance horse associations. Prestigious awards include the titles as both 2000 & 2004 United States Federation Reining Champion and AQHA Professional Horseman of the Year in 2000.

Todd achieved his million dollar rider status in the NRCHA in 2006 and won the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity that same year. In 2008 Todd's winnings made him the all-time leading money winner in Reined Cow Horse competition.

In 2000 the AQHA awarded Todd the Title of: "Professional Horseman of the Year". Todd trains horses and riders for Reining and Working Cow Horse events at Crawford Performance Horses, located in Blanchard, OK.

Always interested in horses, Todd showed as a youth and attended Findlay College in Ohio, graduating in the first class of students to complete B.S. Degrees, at the school established by legendary horseman: Dale Wilkinson. Crawford taught at Findlay after finishing his formal education, then apprenticed with Kyle Quarter Horses before establishing his own training facilities in California, over 18 years ago.

The list of Reined Cow Horse Riders would be incomplete without Todd Crawford who held the No. 1 spot in 2006 and 2007. As well as his phenomenal reined cow horse skills, Todd is a top Reining trainer too!

Todd and his Students have won more than three dozen World Champion Titles in three Major Performance Horse Associations.

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