.: Why Lease?

The advantages of leasing roping cattle are simple:

1. You don’t have to pay top of the market cattle prices.
2. You don’t have to make several calls and trips trying to find quality cattle to buy.
3. You don’t have to miss work to go to a cattle auction to buy cattle, and hope that the cattle you buy are not roped out or crippled.
4. You don’t have to make a return trip to the cattle auction and hope that your cattle bring fair market value.
5. You don’t have to break in your cattle. They will already be broken in for you and ready to rope.
6. You CAN choose just the cattle you want such as fast, medium or slow.
7. You CAN trade out cattle that become unsuitable to rope.
8. Make 1 phone call, tell us when you want to pick up your cattle and they will be penned and ready for you to take home and rope immediately.

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